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This sensuous and sumptuous Queen of Fashion has a unique Instagram we should keep our eyes on.

Surasit Khamyan

This sensuous and sumptuous Queen of Fashion has a unique Instagram we should keep our eyes on.

Hi girls! When speaking of posh girls in the world of Thai elites, this name has always been mentioned –Monlada “Duang” Pongpanit. Spotlights turn to her wherever she goes. Though Duang has a small body, the way she dresses or clothes she wears always give her a huge entrance. Best Dress trophies from various contests confirmed this point. Today we are taking you girls to look at her styles. Let’s see how ‘piquant’ she can be.

Piquant Makeup

One of Duang’s unique styles’ we should not overlook is how she puts on makeup. She always puts on a full face makeup in every look as if she had her personal makeup artist do it for her. Her charming big round eyes along with her dramatically curvy lashes draw followers’ attention. Classic nude tone is added up to fit well with her look. This is how the real queen does makeup.

All Black

“All Black” is another look that shines her elegancy. Wearing black is regarded as being polite. And Thailand has been in mourning since October 2016 so Duang launched an all black special collection for this tough time. This formal yet elegant collection can be found at MONLADA and NOIRZ by Monlada. Duang is one of the girls who can wear this “All Black” look perfectly.

Smart Woman

Wearing all black is not the only look Duang masters; she also kills it for ‘Smart Woman’ look. Duang is one of the real smart women in the world. Taking care of her own brands allows her to express her full potential in designing, creating and managing. And to do those things herself, a “Smart Woman” look seen in her mixed and matched wardrobe helps boost her confidence. Her prowess shines through her smart outfits.


It’s a joy to see beautiful women dressing up as their beauty allows them to fit in every style. Duang also has that privilege too. She always enjoys fun dress-up especially in ‘piquant’ and glamorous look that seconds her confidence. Sumptuous, posh as sexy are three qualities found in Duang’s style.

So Chic

Duang is not only good at her posh look, she can also be so chic by mixing and matching different pieces of clothes and accessories. As you can see, adding a black gap to a black leather jacket completes the outfits. One of the comments from her followers was like “Oh God! She looks so good!” This look is ultimately smart and chic at the same time. As said earlier, she can master all the fashion looks.


Though she seems like a modern woman, when it comes to “Gatsby” look, she’s fabulous in it as well. The sparking and glittering Spaghetti strap mini dress with Gatsby look inspired by the 20’s fits her small yet sexy body like a glove. And a cute little hat on her head just helps fulfill the dress.


We gave 10 out of 10 for this look and screamed “OMG!” Duang looks magnificent in this look. With futuristic cutting style, distinguish face feature and tight pony tail comes a smart, modern and fashionable Duang that we salute.


A room for admiring her looks is always expanding and this is one of her looks we adore. It’s vintage, classic and it takes us back in time. Her appealing face and great eyes play important role in blending her with this classic look. Duang can’t look more luxurious and expensive than this.

Beach Girl

And we end this section with a playful, friendly and sexy look of Duang as a cute beach girl. Her bikini allows us to admire her hot body with a little bit of her abs. She really is a sight for soar eyes.

And that was all of Monlada “Duang” Pongpanit the queen of fashion and her styles. She possesses both beauty and brain. He’s full of potential and talent as a designer and the owner of 3 brands: MONLADA, NOIRZ by Monlada and MONLADA HOMME. Each brand is unique since she puts all of her effort and ability into every collection of every brand. And this is the one and only piquant Duang Monlada!