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7 Looks 7 Styles from 7 Spice Celebrities in the Luxurious ‘MONLADA’

Surasit Khamyan

7 Looks 7 Styles from 7 Spice Celebrities in the Luxurious ‘MONLADA’

Now many Thai designers and their Thai brands are on getting on top of fashion world. Internationally, people talk about them and their talents. Many Thais superstars and celebrities choose to wear Thai brands to international red carpet events. And one brand that we should not forget to mention is MONLADA. The brand possesses a classic DNA that give you grandeur, sexiness and luxury as well as its owner, a hot celebrity, Duang Monlada Pongpanit. Today we will give you an insight on why many Thai celebrities and actresses choose to wear MONLADA.

When speaking of a beautifuk designer and a brand owner like Duang Monlada, one thing you can’t avoid mentioning is her style that is unique and always on top. With her luxurious style and taster, she reflects her luxury and class on MONLADA. The brand sheds light on modern women who want to look classy, sexy, smart, posh and sweet altogether. As a brand designer, Duang often wear MONLADA by mixing this, matching that to make herself look expensive at all time.

And this is one of the spice girls in the Angel Gang. Though Woonsen had just separated with Chakrit, her degree of beauty remains on top. Woonsen wore a sexy dress from MONLADA from Je t’aime Noirz collection. The dress is made of silk and added laces to be more chic. This is one of MONLADA’s signatures. A black halter dress with slit skirt expresses her sexiness and smooth long leg was killing it. She really is gorgeous in MONLADA.

PookLook Fonthip Watcharatrakul is getting more and more gorgeous every day. She’s equipped with her perfect face and best body. PookLook chooses to wear Sunsetz Nude collection from MONLADA and undoubtedly she looks expensive in it. A women nude suit with the flared trousers makes her legs look really long. The well fitted jacket with ornamental fringe at hem makes her apparel look chic and extravagant. Sunsetz Nude is another collection that offers luxury, plainness, neatness and delicate details as MONDALA style should be.

Kwan Usamanee X MONLADA
Kwan Usamanee is in love and everything she sees is in pink. Kwan has a really good face feature. She looks good whether she wears less or more. Rose’ Noirz collection from MONLADA enhances her level of cuteness. Black and white stripes on duchess satin fabric highlights her skin. Crisscross patterned blouse allows wearer to express her sexiness. Kwan has mastered MONLADA with her hotness and charm.

Pinky Savika X MONLADA
Pinky Savika, the girl with her beautiful dark eyes and hair, aces MONLADA’s Lost Dream collection. She looks dazzling in chiffon and silk outfit. The colorful print is from MONLADA’s Alice in Wonderland era that is specifically designed to be cute and sexy. Small girls wear this and they can look taller and look as if she had longer upper body and legs.

Mai Davika X MONLADA
Mai Davika is a smashing actress in Thailand’s entertainment industry. Her movies rock the box office. She’s always on the cover of the news for whatever she does. And her gorgeousness has captured every heart. Mai Davika in Mafiaz Napolean collection from MONLADA gives her an expensive look. Orange tube top with black bias tape, a jacket and trousers decorated with laces perfectly add luxury to both the apparel and the wearer.

Yaya Ying or Rhatha is another Thai actress who has been known globally for her movies. Being a mentor on The Face Thailand Season 1 helps add her reputation. She’s getting more beautiful and expensive everyday. We would say she’s a real deal. The outfit that you are looking at is a special one from a fashion show by MONLADA. It is not available in the shop and it does not belong to any collection. If you wish to have one, you can preorder only. Admitedly, the coat is so elegant and gorgeous. This is really a dress to kill for Ying Rhatha

So what do you think about these celebrities wearing Thai brand like MONLADA? They are fabulous, right? If you are looking for a dress that is luxurious, elegant, delicate, classic and unique with global standard of tailoring, drop by at MONLADA boutique shops at Seenspace Thonglor and Central World (Zen zone). We gurantee you will enjoy and look good in the world of MONLADA fashion. The brand can help you look more expensive. Prices are resonable, compared to quality. This is another Thai brand with its quality and design that goes global.