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5 Tips to Pick the Most Handsome Suit for Modern Gentlemen

Surasit Khamyan

5 Tips to Pick the Most Handsome Suit for Modern Gentlemen

When a boy grows up to be man, there are many things he needs to consider such as career, dream, lifestyle and the way he dresses to express his originality. As he comes of age that fits for working, what he should consider when doing business with clients is his personality. He needs to look credible and professional but should not lose his individuality. When attending a serious meeting, having a good suit would help him look perfect. However a good suit is quite difficult to find. You can’t just go pick a suit with no purpose in mind or you might end up getting a suit with bad cutting and low quality fabric. You might not be confident wearing it. Today we would like to share with you some tips on how to choose a suit that will make you look handsome and fit your age. Modern gentlemen like you should not miss. Let’s see what we have to say.

1. The Right Color

One of the factors you boys should consider when choosing a suit is the color tone. You should pick the color that has similar tone for both jacket and trousers. Main colors are black, blue and gray. Light tones can also brighten up your style like cream or light gray. But if you want a serious look, go for dark suits.
Tips from Monlada: For chubby guys, you should go for dark suits. They will make you look slimmer. Dark suits are for many occasions but light ones are for weddings and auspicious occasions.

2. Feel Fit

Getting a suit that fits you is also important. Many of you might choose to go for a tailor-made shop where you can get your suit fit with precise cutting. However, the price might be higher than suit shops in general. Alternatively, you can go for a quality suit at MONLADA HOMME, a luxurious brand for men suits with haute couture tailoring. MONLADA HOMME offers neat and delicate suits with precise cutting and gorgeous pattern. You will look smart in the suit as a modern man should be. Let MONLADA HOMME reflect your simple yet luxury style. MONLADA HOMME has both ready-to-wear and tailor-made suits. For gentlemen who wear standard suits but they can’t fit you, stop by at MONLADA HOMME and pick up some smart suits as you please.

3. The Right Suit Lapel

When choosing a suit, there are details you should know. One of them is suit lapel. There are many types of lapel. Each type has different levels of formality. In normal occasion, if you want to wear something casual to meet your client in a coffee shop or at a meeting after work, you can go for a Notch Lapel jacket. Its easy-to-wear quality makes this jacket everyone’s favourite. They can also wear it to every occasion. The Peak Lapel suits (also called ‘pointed lapel’) are for more special occasions like weddings, night galas or meetings with superiors, seniors or big shots. The last type is called Shawl. The collar is round and you can wear it with tuxedo for a very formal event. Your appearance will look just great.

Tips from Monlada: Though Shawl or rounded collar might look luxury and difficult to wear, designers for MONLADA HOMME suggest that in fact you can wear this type of jacket in many occasions. It helps keep your ‘smart gentleman’ look.

4. Buttons Suit

A jacket with 2 buttons is another choice we recommend. Normally there are various types of jackets; single button, 2 buttons and 3 buttons. For modern men, a 2-button jacket would be best for you.

You would look dignified, smart yet modern and fashionable. You can also wear a 2-button jacket for both casual and formal occasions.
Tips from Monlada: You should always button up your first or second button and leave the last one. Do not button up only the last button. If you want to do that, you should button them all up. MONLADA HOMME offers many types of buttons; 2 buttons with 2 buttonholes or 2 buttons with one buttonhole. Go for the latter if you want a suit that to can wear to any occasion.

5. Choose the Right Brand

If you cannot choose the brand for your suit you should go for or if you have no idea where you should have your suit made, we recommend you to look for the style that is right for you. And for those who are looking for a suit that gives you smartness, modernity and a little bit of sexiness that makes you a head turner, MONLADA HOMME is your best choice. The brand comes with its uniqueness. You will be confident and ready to face any occasions.