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When you are bored with your traditional suit, it’s good to look for your new and unique one.

Surasit Khamyan


When you are bored with your traditional suit, it’s good to look for your new and unique one.
Here are the reasons why suiting up with MONLADA HOMME is your best choice.

Hello gentlemen! We believe when boys have come to a certain age, their styles have changed as well. Especially when you need to attend parties or social events, it’s not easy to change your smart outfit every week. As boys become men, they want something that they can wear for years with good quality, neat cutting pattern and most importantly, uniqueness. Of course, you don’t want to walk into a gala and face someone wearing the same thing as you. Uniqueness is a sign showing smartness for men like us. If you are bored with suits with same old patterns, suits that don’t look expensive enough or smart enough, we would like to introduce you to unique suits form MONLADA HOMME. These men suits come with modern and classic senses. Let’s look at 5 reasons why men suits from MONLADA HOMME are right for you.

High Quality Fabric

This is one of the reasons that every guy should wear men suits from MONLADA HOMME. The fabric they use to tailor magnificent suits has a very high quality, chosen carefully by designers and craftspeople at MONLADA HOMME. Cotton, linen, polyester or even wool from Italy are there for you to choose. This is why MONLADA HOMME is different from other brands in the market.

Smart Design

With her love in designing and her care for details, Duang Monlada, the owner of MONLADA HOMME has creates men wears with neat and delicacy. Her vision is to make these suits smart, unique, fashionable and can be worn in any occasions such as meetings or social events. Men in MONLADA HOMME can be confident of smartness these suits offre. Modern and classic style from MONLADA HOMME suits allows their masters to wear them in everyday life.

Perfectly Unique

One more reasons you ought to choose MONLDA HOMME as your favourite brand is its uniqueness. MONLADA HOMME comes with unique style that makes it difficult for other brands to follow. This uniqueness starts in designing process where Duang adds ideas from many ages in the history to her work. As a result, MONLADA HOMME is the perfect combination of History Costume and Future Fabric and this is why suits from MONLADA HOMME are very unique.

Tailor-Made Delicacy

If you want to wear a suit that is tailor-made for you and is the only one suit in the world, suits from MONLADA HOMME serve this purpose. The fabric, the color, the print, the style or even the size will fit you perfectly. As we know, sometimes universal and ready-to-wear suits are not right for Thai men. It’s difficult to find the suits that fit with the body of Thai men since they are known to have different physique. But this is not the problem for MONLADA HOMME. You can walk to MONLADA HOMME and their staff will give you measurement service. Your suit will be tailor-made so you can be confident that you wear a suit that fits your from head to toe.

A Hollyood Star’s Pick

Did you know that a suit by MONLADA HOMME was once worn by a famous Hollywood actor? Daniel Radcliffe picked a cashmere wool suit from MONLADA HOMME to wear since it possesses high quality; durable and wearable for both summer and winter. Daniel chose a suit with two buttonholes and one button, long v-shape collar and shiny silk lapel to add smartness and modernity to it. This combination made the suit shine and eye-catching with uniqueness from MONLADA HOMME. It was the proud moment for a Thai brand like MONLADA to be chosen from this British actor.
We hope these reasons convince you to choose a suit from MONLADA HOMME and the brand can have a place in your heart. If you need further information or need to see awesome set photos of different types of suits, you can visit or