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5 Important Details of a Thai Fashion Brand

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Every Thread Sewed must Show Elegance, Gimmick and Talent.

5 Important Details of a Thai Fashion Brand

Thai sewers have never been defeated by any nations. Thai fashion brands bring pride to the nation same as brands from other countries. We perhaps do it better. Skilled sewers (who are people, not machine) possess meticulous, delicate, neat, exquisite and adorable talent. And that was a short introduction before we take you to dig deep in the ‘sewing room’. This sewing room is an important mechanic for a brand to produce beautiful clothes as the designer has been dreaming of. In the world of fashion, to market your product, designers and tailors must work together. MONLADA by Monlada “Duang” Pongpanit is the queen of Detailing. Not only being serious about designing beautiful clothes for years as well as tailoring, she also looks for the “identity” of the brand. Her effort has been put on every thread sewed in her work.

Today we are taking to delve into every corner of MONLADA and get to know the brand’s DNA. You will get to see some samples of her work that express delicacy and neatness. Every piece of clothes can be put in limited edition series. Craftspeople at MONLADA have god-given skills (They are highly skilled).  All we can say is no matter how far technology goes, no matter how modern the machines are, they can’t compare to human’s talent shown in each piece of clothes by MONLADA.

1. Little details at the hem of skirts or trousers

Women always love to have cute little things with lots of details with them. For example, if you look in a woman’s bag, you can see small bags inside her expensive big one. The brand understands this point and care of its products being practical apart from chic and classic design seen on the appearance. To make the customers become more related to the brand and to server women lifestyle, ALL MONLADA’s skirts and trousers have a little cool detail hidden. At the hem of trousers and skirts, there is a small cavity designed for tucking a pen or some money in this little hole.

Surprised, right? I know!

2. Zippers Go Under Covered

In this digital age, everything must be exposed. Unlike the past zippers for both tops and skirts are unveiled. True craftspeople see showing zipper as untidy and carless work. Covering zippers is good for making shape and fabric stand out and keeping expensive look without any scene stealers. Coving zippers’ ends with silk that fits perfectly shows how much the brand cares about its work. No other brands do as MONLADA does since it must be executed by hands and no machines can do it as beautiful.  And this is why MONLADA is unique.

3. Knitted Buttonholes

To elevate the level of luxury, MONLADA decides to knit buttonholes to add values to these pretty dresses. This process brings out beauty and neatness to MONLADA. Other brands don’t perform this action since it can take a lot of time knitting. (To sew buttonholes using cloth, the size of buttonholes must be determined in the cutting pattern. It can be done by adding the width of buttonholes and the thickness of buttons together and you will get the length of your buttonholes. Nowadays different types of buttonholes are available in many sizes; 2, 2.5 and 3 cm. Buttonholes are normally 0.5  – 1 cm in width. When the pattern is determined, press the trail on the shirt and its front placket.) Apart from being gorgeous in every inch, buttonholes are also durable and help prolong the life of your shirt. So fabulous!

4. A Logo on Zippers

Another proof that confirms MONLADA is really into details. The brand has logo zippers for some types of clothes that zipper teeth need to be shown. The logo is also removable. This type of zippers is used for jackets for tube tops the showing zippers can draw attention to the dress.

5. Seams are stitched on the inside

The last delicate detail of MONLADA makes it another memorable and proud Thai brand. For all evening dresses, seams are stitched on the inside. Many dresses have no linings and that allows people to see seams and selvages. But you would never see that happens to MONLADA’s dresses Craftspeople have stitched those seams so well you won’t even see one. More importantly, this can make your evening gowns last longer and be more durable. You won’t see any selvages. This is the definition on neat and luxury, only at MONLADA.

Every thread sewed is plain yet luxurious. MONLADA is really is for girls and women who love sexiness and classiness. Importantly, you can be certain that you have bought good quality apparel which is cared in every process of the production. MONLADA Studio have more than 40 designers and craftspeople. They are there to pay attention to every detail, keep all sewing jobs clean and neat. Even a small thread can’t bother you.  

And how do we not love this Thai brand?